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What is a Postpartum Doula?

Many people have never heard of postpartum doula's and what they have to offer. A postpartum doula provides support (physical, emotional and informational) to families in the weeks or months following the birth of their new baby. Although in so many ways it is a joyous time, it can also be a challenging time and many families don't have as much support as they would like. 

The role of the postpartum doula is to help make life a little bit easier in the following ways:

- Assisting/educating in infant care

- Breastfeeding and bottle feeding support

- Birth recovery support

- Overnight support

- Meal preparation

- Running errands (e.g. grocery shopping)

- Caring for the new baby while the parent(s) rest

- Caring for older children while parent(s) spend time with the baby

- Light housework

- Providing information and referrals

A postpartum doula does NOT:

- Provide transportation (due to liability issues)

- Babysit the baby or older children without a parent nearby (it is fine if you want to take a nap or relax while your doula cares for your baby and/or kids at home or nearby park!)

- Provide medical advice or perform medical procedures